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Benjamin Franklin once said, ‘a place for everything, everything in its place’. This quote has been used and reused time and time again and it plays a vital role in lab efficiency. Without proper organization and everything in the lab having its own place, the space can quickly become disorganized. Experiments can fall behind, and employees become frustrated as they cannot find the materials needed in a timely manner. Having the right organization in place helps to ensure success.

Assigning Responsibilities

One way a lab fails to succeed is with having the right products and maintaining the space effectively. Every lab should have dedicated assignments for each person to be responsible for. One might be responsible for reordering beakers and tubes while another oversees ordering chemicals. This way, there is one individual that is responsible and can be held accountable when things begin to become unorganized.

Organized Cabinetry

The type of lab you have will dictate what needs to be ordered and how the items need to be organized. Cabinetry is commonly placed in lab settings, both on the wall and floor, to house materials. There needs to be designated areas for the various materials, with each employee trained as to where items go. Labeling each area can be beneficial and training employees to clean up and put items away, where they belong, can assist in the organization process.

Mobile Units

When conducting experiments in the lab, it can be beneficial to be mobile. With the contents needed for a project in one place, it allows the laboratory to remain organized and uncluttered. You will not have chemicals spread about, as all items can be placed on the mobile carts. This helps to cut back on the mess in the lab as well as provide mobility for the project. Overall, having the right organization plan in place, assigning individual responsibilities and ensure the lab is maintained and organized at the end of the day, will help to create a successful workspace. When considering organization materials for your lab, contact our office to learn more about your options.