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When adding elements to your laboratory, one option to consider is mobile units. There are various ways that furniture can be added to your laboratory that have mobile capabilities that ensure ease of use and better efficiency in the space. Learning your options can help you to furnish your lab in such a way that will help the day to day experiments and projects.

The type of furniture you need will be dependent on the type of lab and experiments or work to be completed. Learning more about the function of various mobile furniture will help you to select the right options for your work needs. Below are a few examples of mobile laboratory furniture that can be beneficial to your space.

Mobile Desk with Storage

Let’s start with a mobile desk with storage. With a desk, you have a work space on wheels. The desk will have drawers that can house notes, additional paper, and pens, plus any other materials you may need quick access to. The desk will also have cabinet space, which can be used to house experiment materials such as a microscope, test tubes, beakers, etc. Mobile desks can be moved about with ease, allowing you to take the work space to any place in the laboratory.

Mobile Table Lab Station

For a larger work space, the mobile table lab station is suggested. This option has an open space in the middle which makes it easy to use a stool or chair as you work. One side includes a cabinet while the other side has drawer space. A sink may also be included which comes in handy with cleaning or experiment needs.

Mobile Storage Cabinet

When you need movable storage, a mobile storage cabinet is an optimal solution. This type of storage cabinet makes it easy to move tools or chemicals around the lab. Choose to have several of these storage cabinets in the lab so that all materials can be organized and become moveable. Imagine having a cabinet for your beakers and test tubes, a cabinet for microscopes and one for chemicals. If you have an immobile workstation, easily move the mobile storage units to access what you need.

Mobile tables

Small mobile tables come in handy when you are moving from different work areas throughout the day. Easily use the mobile table to move items around the lab as needed. It can be annoying to have to carry materials by hand. With a mobile table, it is easy to move certain materials from one area of the lab to another.

Mobile Demo Table

If your lab provides demos on a regular basis, having a mobile demo table is a must. This option will ensure that the laboratory can easily provide demonstrations, moving from space to space with no trouble. Mobile demo tables offer storage solutions as well, so all materials are in one place for the demo to take place.