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The cosmetic industry must make sure that all products are safe for consumer use, and that they will not damage the skin or cause allergic reactions. This is why product testing is so important. Testing of cosmetic products is one of the most important classes of products to be evaluated before consumer use. It is the responsibility of the manufacturer to ensure the safety of their product and its ingredients before they hit the store’s shelves.

Here at Catalina Laboratory Products, we assist the cosmetic industry by providing high quality lab testing furniture & equipment that allows the proper testing of all cosmetic products before they go out to the public.

We use our product range to ensure you can sample and test your products to the highest standards. Our company has many years of proven experience in providing products to cosmetic manufacturers. This means that we are unbeatable on product range and prices. Cosmetic products are complex mixtures and involve comprehensive analysis and tests. Our aim is to provide our customers with professional equipment allowing accurate research. Whether you are setting up a new laboratory or refurbishing an existing one, our knowledgeable team of professionals can assist at any time. From smaller spaces to larger premises, we cover it all. Our catalog includes specialized furniture designed to meet your laboratory’s highest standards.
We offer the following products to help you with your cosmetic laboratory design, setup, and testing:


Our products are consistently in stock so there is no delay in building the cosmetic lab you need. If you have any questions about our products or would like assistance with designing your cosmetic lab, please contact us today.