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Laboratory furniture is an important part of any laboratory, especially for those in the medical and pharmaceutical industry. Choosing the correct lab furniture for your laboratory can make all the difference when it comes to safety, efficiency, and workplace flow. Here are some key tips to consider before you purchase your laboratory furniture:

Choose Furniture That Complies With Industry Regulations

When it comes to laboratory furniture for medical and pharmaceutical labs, it’s essential that operators comply with industry regulations. This includes making sure that fume hoods, work surfaces and cabinets meet all applicable standards set out by both local authorities and health organizations around the world. If unsure on any aspect of compliance then be sure to get additional professional advice on what you need before you buy anything.

Ensure Your Furniture Meets Specific Requirements

When planning a medical or pharmaceutical lab space, it’s important to take into account all forms of equipment being used as well as the specific types of experiments that will be conducted on a regular basis. Consider how much space will be needed for instruments such as centrifuges and microscopes, ventilation requirements for hazardous materials or contaminants produced during experiments, extra safety considerations such as the terrain of slab floors or any special requirements that may come from field representatives from pharmaceutical companies or government agencies.

Ensure Quality Construction Materials Are Used

Lab furniture requires materials that not only comply with regulatory requirements but also provide durability while still allowing easy access to stored materials without compromising operational efficiency – which is why quality construction materials are so important when purchasing lab furniture . When conducting comparisons between suppliers make sure to check that materials meet industry standards such as using steel frames rather than wood frames which could harbor potentially dangerous fumes over long-term use. Look out for chemical resistant finishes too as these are more durable in busy environments such as healthcare settings. There’s nothing worse than investing in lab furniture only to find it doesn’t withstand everyday operations – do not leave construction material choices up to chance!

Be Mindful Of Health And Safety Guidelines

This includes selecting suitable surface treatments specifically designed for high concentrations of ammonia vapors or other hazardous substances regularly found within the medical environment — certain metals are prone to corrosion due to excess exposure while others simply don’t resist abrasive cleaning agents commonplace within healthcare applications therefore always ensure surface protection has been addressed upfront prior to making your purchasing decision.

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