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Creating a Quality Lab Workstation

If you work in a laboratory daily, having the right equipment is key. If your lab is not fully stocked with the right materials, you will be unable to complete projects and experiments on time. Part of a fully functioning laboratory is having a quality lab workstation. With a proper workstation in place, you can complete day to day operations successfully.

What Should a Workstation Entail?

The type of workstation you create will need to be based on the type of lab you operate. If you are chemical based and will be conducting experiments, then your workstation will need to have a chemical resistant worksurface to handle spills or accidents. Materials such as phenolic resin, stainless steel or epoxy resin all have chemical resistant qualities.

By considering the factors you need specifically, you can create a space that makes it easier for you to complete projects and experiments, as well as stay organized and ready for your next task. A workstation should have the storage capabilities you need as well as a sturdy worksurface for your daily use.


The storage capabilities of your workstation must also be considered. Cabinetry added to your workstation will ensure the items you need are within reach. This can include storage underneath your workstation countertop with drawers and/or shelving and cabinetry mounted on the wall above the countertop to maximize your storage needs. Easily place what you require in your storage area for use when you need it.

Going Mobile

Today’s workstations can also go mobile, allowing you to move your work area to where you need it. With a mobile workstation, the tabletop and base are one piece, and you can move the unit to any place within the lab. With small wheels at the base, the unit is mobile, allowing you to move your project where you need it.

Mobile workstations provide the most flexibility in the laboratory. It saves so much time and space as you can have everything you need within your workstation and move about to fume hoods or testing areas with ease. With mobile capabilities, your workstation moves with you, allowing your daily work to be completed as quickly as possible.