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Laboratory cabinets and countertops are some of the most important pieces of lab furniture for your laboratory because you will use them for most of your work. You may be tempted to go out and get the cheapest option, but a quality laboratory cabinet can not only make work more enjoyable, but also cost you less over time.

Finding the Right Laboratory Cabinet

Since a laboratory cabinet plays such an important role in storing the chemicals you work with, it is important to invest in reliable cabinets. Storing your chemicals in any old cabinet could slow your workflow and cause injury.

A good lab cabinet should be made of metal. Metal lab cabinets are simply more durable than their wooden counterparts.  Furthermore, wooden lab cabinets are more difficult to clean. Metal cabinets are easier to clean and disinfect because of their impermeable surfaces, which improves safety. Metal cabinets are also built to last. Over time, wooden cabinets can become unstable, which could lead to disaster such as spilled chemicals. An investment in a metal lab cabinet may be a larger upfront cost. However, spilling chemicals stifles work productivity and causes financial loss.

When thinking about a laboratory cabinet, you also need to think about its countertops. A good chemical resistant countertop provides a cleaner workspace for lab technicians. In addition to a cleaner workspace, you will want your countertop to be heat resistant. A metal cabinet and lab grade countertop combination enable you to set hot items on the countertop without worrying about any damage to it or to the materials inside of the cabinet.

Catalina Laboratory Products has Quality Metal Laboratory Cabinets and Countertops

If you are looking to supply a new lab or replace some old equipment, Catalina Laboratory Products can help you. We know the importance of providing quality lab equipment. That is why all our cabinets have fully welded steel frame construction. Our laboratory cabinets are built to last. Besides full metal construction, our cabinets also have full extension drawers, flush corner construction, and other quality features. We can also help you find ADA compliant cabinets if you need them. If you need reliable cabinets, take a look at our high quality metal laboratory cabinets or contact us for more information.