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When working in a lab, it is important to have the proper equipment in place for a safe environment. If your lab deals with chemicals and other dangerous substances, having the proper equipment in place for washing and cleanup is essential. In a lab environment, an eyewash station and an emergency shower are essential to a clean and safe environment.

As you handle chemicals and other substances, having such stations in place allow employees to clean up when exposed to the substances. The skin and eyes are not supposed to be exposed to chemicals in a lab as this can be dangerous as well as life-threatening. Having such wash stations in place allows employees an access point for cleaning in an emergency as well as for standard procedures.

Installing Safety Stations

Products are available today that will allow employees to clean up when needed. Eyewash stations need to be always covered, preventing any dust, debris, or chemicals to get inside the eyewash heads. Such stations should be in an area that is easily accessible, allowing employees to wash off when needed.

An emergency shower and eyewash station need to be tested at least once a week to ensure that the equipment is ready to function. With an emergency shower, the unit will need to be activated and then a bucket filled with water to ensure that the water is running at full speed. The eyewash station will need to be run for 15 seconds, checking to see that the water is clear.

With the installation and regular inspection of such safety equipment, your lab is ready to function properly. It is essential that employees have access to eyewash stations and showers to clean themselves in the event of an emergency.

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