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The Organized Lab Bench: What You Need to Know

A lab bench is a space where you probably spend most of your time at work. The bench is your home away from home so to speak, where you do all your daily tasks. Having an organized workspace will ensure that you can work correctly and efficiently throughout the day. The best way to have an organized space is to start from scratch. Clean off the benchtop, removing everything and starting from a fresh perspective. Follow the tips below to get your lab bench set for optimal efficiency.

Dominant Hand Organization

Begin your reset of the lab bench by placing tools you use on a regular basis on the side of your dominant hand. Tools and pipets among other items can be placed in this manner to make it easy for you to reach and use. Your trash bin should also be placed on this side of your workspace. Easily place trash in the bin instead of dirtying up your area.

Non-dominant Side

On the non-dominant side of your work bench, add the items you commonly use. This could be solutions and chemicals that you need for daily projects. Anything that you do not use daily should be placed on shelves instead of the work surface.

Add other items to this section including markers, scissors, wipes, labeling tape, etc. If you have drawers available, or organizational bins, place these items inside. Knowing where these materials are will help you to continue to work in an efficient manner.

After you have set up your work bench correctly, practice good habits. Be sure to place items back where they belong. Throw away trash as it accumulates. Do what you can to create a habit as you work. This will help to keep the space in good working order.

An Organized Lab

Overall, it is important to have an organized lab space. It can be easy to lose track of materials if the items you use most frequently are not put back in their place. Labs can run out of chemicals and solutions when there is not a dedicated space for such items.

To ensure the workday runs smooth, cabinets and additional storage solutions should be set up in the lab. Employees need to have individual responsibilities so that each section can be organized, and materials will not run out when needed. With everyone having a certain responsibility, items will be ordered on time and put in the right place.

With quality organization, a lab can operate at a high level. Projects and experiments can continue without delay as the space is filled with everything needed to work. Employees do not spend time looking for tools or chemicals because everything has its proper place. If your laboratory needs organization, consider how changes can be made to clean up the space. With the right furniture and storage solutions, any lab can be fully functional. Contact our team today so that you can find solutions for your laboratory space.