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Your choice for laboratory cabinets and countertops are two of the most significant furniture decisions you can make for your laboratory. These furniture pieces are tasked with handling most of the everyday duties; therefore, they encounter most of the wear and tear that takes place in your lab. Understanding what types of materials are used is important for choosing a furniture product that will assist your application for many years to come. Before making your decision, here are some helpful tips to consider:


Consider what your laboratory cabinets and countertops, as well as other furniture, are exposed to?  When making your laboratory furniture decisions, this is a key question to ask yourself. Certain materials need to be chosen to adjust to the chemicals as well as to the demands of exposure. For exceptional chemical resistance, it is very likely you will need to decide on metal or phenolic lab furniture and countertops. Allow the expected exposure to direct your laboratory cabinet and countertop selections.

Always Ask Questions

Asking questions can help point lab furniture specialists to your specific needs, and what better fits in terms of laboratory cabinets, casework, and counters that are recommended. In other words, asking questions ensures that you get the lab furniture you need.

Budget Appropriately

The key in your laboratory development is making the most of your budget. Spending too little on lab furniture and countertops can result in your lab not being fit for your work needs. Then again, spending a large portion of the budget on excessively expensive material, limits possibilities in other areas of the lab. While expensive materials are demanded in some labs, many find ways to maximize their budget by speaking with lab furniture specialists who can assist them in selecting the correct pieces for their unique application while at the same time remaining budget sensitive.

Consider these tips when it comes time to choosing the right furniture for your lab. Contact us today to learn more about our products.