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Most managers who are looking for suppliers for office furniture can spend a little bit of money and get a decent product, even if it is made from particle board and plastic. However, managers that are looking for laboratory furniture know they need quality furniture for their laboratories. Because you need to be so particular, what should you look for in a lab furniture supplier? We have some suggestions.


You need to make sure that the lab furniture suppliers have experience in the manufacture of lab equipment. Lab equipment needs to be made by someone who understands the craftsmanship necessary for a good lab cabinet, for example. Also, a supplier also needs to understand that different lab needs require different lab equipment. If you oversee purchasing for a medical testing lab, your needs are different than those of an IT lab. A good supplier has the experience to know what you need and make sure that the lab equipment you buy is perfect for your setting.

If you need to buy a workstation that will be handling different kinds of liquids, you will want a case goods to handle acids and other solutions which could be dangerous. You may need a sink as part of that workstation. You may also want to look at cabinets that have different sizes of drawers as well as shelves for storage. You also need to make sure that your chemicals do not mix while they are being stored. An ordinary office supply store is not going to understand that.


Different laboratories have different needs. You need to find a lab furniture supplier with lots of choices for you and your lab. For example, you may have employees who like to work while they are standing, which means they need a taller table than those who prefer to sit. Some employees also have disabilities and need a lab table to suit their needs. Your employees do a lot of strenuous work, and they need a workspace to fit their needs, so you want a supplier who can accommodate the needs of your employees.

Quality of Materials

A good laboratory manufacturer knows that their equipment must be made with top-of-the-line materials, such as furniture grade steel. That is because lab equipment needs to withstand heat, cold, chemicals, and other extremes such as mold and corrosion. Only the best steel, wood, plastics, and resin should be used. When you are choosing laboratory materials, there is no room for error. Be sure your furniture equipment supplier understands what you need in your lab before you purchase.