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When building a laboratory setting, having quality lab furniture and fume hoods is key. It is essential that the laboratory have quality furnishings, so employees can be comfortable and work effectively. With less than stellar furnishings, projects will not be completed on time and the overall day to day activities of the lab can suffer. Learning more about the proper process for securing furnishings such as laboratory fume hoods and cabinetry ensures your laboratory is ready to function effectively.

Initial Design

To get started, you will need to figure out the design of your laboratory. It is helpful to work with a lab design professional to have a functional space with the right furnishings. With planning and design help, you can create a new lab with solutions for every aspect of the area. As you plan the space with an expert, furniture can be added that will help to make each employee’s job more efficient which helps to ensure the end result of every project or experiment is completed on time.

Revising the Plan

When planning with a professional, you can add in the appropriate number of lab fume hoods as well as all the cabinetry and desk workspace needed. Once a plan is finished, you can review it and make changes as you see fit. The end goal is to have a laboratory that will function seamlessly. Consider layouts you have worked in before and consult with employees on what they would like to see offered in the lab.


During the planning phase, your budget needs to be considered. As you search for lab equipment, look for fume hoods for sale or at least for items that fit into your budget. You should have a set amount on what you wish to spend on equipment as well as the overall construction of the space. To stay in line with your budget, look for discounts on equipment.

Many laboratory manufacturing companies, or distributors will offer deals including lab fume hood or sink bundles at a discounted rate. By shopping around, you can find the best deal for your equipment needs. Staying on budget is essential when building your laboratory, but you want to be sure you do not skimp on quality or the number of items you need.

Setting Up

Once the plans have been finalized for your laboratory, orders will be made for equipment including furniture and cabinetry. The set-up phase is important but also fun! Always be sure you are on hand and watch as the equipment and furniture are set up in the space. The layout of your laboratory is important.

Any installation mix-up can have a negative result regarding the day-to-day operations of your lab. You know how your laboratory should be set up and what equipment is needed. Assist with the process to ensure the lab is going to be a safe environment with everything you need for success.Contact us today to learn more about laboratory furniture options and begin choosing pieces for your space today.