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Cabinet Organization: Why Your Lab Needs Variety

Whether you are setting up a brand-new lab space or remodeling an existing lab, cabinetry plays a vital role. Laboratories need quality cabinetry in place to house materials and tools used daily as well as chemicals and components that might be needed in the future. Having a variety of cabinetry in the space allows you to set up your lab for success. Learn more about cabinet options below and how you can integrate varying types to ensure your lab is ready to function effectively.

Cabinets with Built-in Filing Systems

One area that is often overlooked in a lab is paperwork. When you are working on an experiment, you need to take notes and have paperwork that is used daily. By installing cabinetry with built-in filing systems, you can easily keep your notes in one place in the lab. Many scientists opt to have their notes and papers either strewn about or in their office. This creates a time loss as you must find what you need to get started instead of having your paperwork neatly filed away in the same area as your experiment.

Wall Storage

Often, a laboratory will have base cabinet storage where items such as chemicals, beakers, test tubes, etc. are stored. However, the upper wall space is ignored. By adding in wall cabinets, your laboratory will have even more space that can be used to store items as well as materials. Wall cabinets can be small or quite large, depending on the amount of space you have. This provides you with storage space that does not take up square footage because you are going up rather than using floor space.

Glass Panel Cabinets

Knowing what you have in a lab is important. With glass panel cabinets, you can easily see what items you are storing. In the lab, you are always busy. You may easily forget to reorder items when you have closed door storage. With glass front panels, the items you use the most are front and center. Easily see what you are running low on so that you can keep the lab stocked and ready for the workday.

Overall, these are only a small example of cabinet options you can use in your laboratory. Consider what types of items you will be storing and how you wish your lab to appear visually as well as function. This will help you to determine which cabinet types will work best for your space.

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