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If you work in a lab, you know how vital it is to have the right equipment. After all, how can you finish anything on time if you do not have the proper materials? One of the most important things you need to have in your laboratory is one or more laboratory workstations. What can you possibly do without somewhere to place your equipment? Here at Catalina Laboratory Products, we specialize in high quality and affordable lab furniture and workstations. We believe that quality products should not be reserved for the most well-funded labs, so our catalog is full of premium furniture at an affordable price. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you are choosing your lab workstation.

What Material Should I Choose?

The kind of workstation you decide on will obviously be based on the kind of lab that you are running. A chemical lab, for example, will require something with a solid surface that can hold up to spillage from your experiments. Something like a phenolic resin workstation would do the trick. It is important that your work surface be able to survive contact with your work, after all. At CatLabPro, we are proud to provide laboratory grade black resin work surfaces from Fundermax.

What About Storage?

Storage is also an important aspect of a workstation that must be considered. That includes both cabinets and storage space as well as the actual size of the counter. When it comes to storing materials and equipment, our workstations come with cabinets and drawers. How much storage space you need will depend on the kind of equipment that you are using for your lab. We can work with you to figure out just how much storage space you will need.


Now that you have figured out the basics, mobility is another thing to think about. Mobile workstations allow you to wheel your station around the lab as needed. This can save a ton of time and space, as you are moving your projects to fume hoods or testing areas whenever you want. With a mobile workstation, your work goes wherever you do – the perfect solution for today’s busy scientist.