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Laboratory fume hoods reduce exposure to potentially harmful fumes, aerosols, dusts and mists. Laboratory industry standards require an inspection every 18 months, so if your lab does not pass inspection or if you notice a reduction in the efficacy of your fume hoods, it may be time to replace them.

Fume Hood is Overworn or Outdated

It is important to maintain a laboratory in accordance with modern safety and evolving technological standards. New laboratory fume hoods can reduce exposure to potentially harmful fumes more effectively than older models. Continuing to use sub-standard or overly used fume hoods could pose health risks for laboratory employees.

Broken or Faulty Sash

Typically, the sash, which is the window or door on the front of a fume hood, is the first component in a fume hood that wears out since consistent usage exerts stress on its cables and sash glides. If the sash or any other component of the fume hood is broken and cannot be replaced or repaired the recommended course of action is the purchase of a new fume hood.

Laboratory Expansion

Laboratory expansion calls for purchasing additional fume hoods to ensure sufficient airborne contaminant expulsion. Expansion of laboratory activities and substances often results in an increase in exposure to chemicals and their fumes. Additional fume hoods contribute to workers’ safety.

Energy Savings

If you are interested in conserving energy, it may be time to replace your old fume hoods with new ones. Your laboratory fume hood is one of the more important appliances in your workspace. To learn more about upgrading your fume hood contact us today.