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If you are ordering furniture for your laboratory, you may be tempted to order the cheapest laboratory cabinets and countertops possible. However, that may not be the best idea in the long run for the longevity of your lab. Although it might seem at the start ordering metal lab cabinets is expensive, they more than pay for themselves in the long run. Here is some information about the importance of metal lab cabinets for your laboratory cabinets.

Reasons to Love Metal Lab Cabinets

There are many reasons to love metal lab cabinets. First, when lab cabinets and are made of furniture grade steel, they are safe to work on for almost any experiment. This is important, as plastic or wooden cabinets are not as safe, especially if your lab deals with chemicals during a day. Wood cabinets are not conducive to continuous cleanup, especially if you must constantly clean the surface. This can cause mold or wood rot. It also means that chemicals, bacteria, viruses, and other items you may be using can become trapped in the wood. Powder coated steel offers an easier, safer surface to clean.

It is also very difficult to warp, crack, chip, or break steel. No matter what kind of experiment you are doing, steel should hold up nicely. Most chemicals cannot corrode it, and it can last for years with no issues. Powder coated steel is also heat resistant, which is a good thing, as many labs use Bunsen burners and heat to cause chemical reactions. You need lab equipment that can stand up to intense heat.

Metal cabinetry needs to have a lot of storage space for materials, chemicals, tubes, bottles, and jars that are used by labs every day to conduct research. You want metal cabinets to hold everything you need to work in one place. If you have a workstation with metal cabinets above it or next to it, you want lots of space to hold notes, journals, paperwork, and other pieces of lab equipment that are vital to research.

Although laboratory equipment is not cheap, the more money you invest in it now, the less you will have to spend later. Imagine not having to buy lab equipment for decades because the items you purchased were top of the line in quality. Good lab equipment should be able to hold on through hundreds of experiments over time and be worth every penny you paid for them.