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We certainly do not need to tell you how dangerous an active lab can get. Even the most careful scientist must handle toxic or hazardous fumes and chemicals. That is when Catalina Laboratory Products has your back. Our high-quality fume hoods and cabinets are made from the best materials and come at a surprisingly affordable price. The CatLabPro catalog features a full range of fume hoods, cabinets, and other accessories. The fume hoods we supply meet the standards set by the Scientific Equipment and Furniture Association (SEFA). That means you never have to worry about whether your equipment is going to work for you.

Any laboratory that regularly has dangerous fumes or vapors needs to have fume hoods. Acting as localized ventilation devices, they help keep you and your fellow workers safe. After all, a safe scientist is a happy scientist. We at CatLabPro offer basic, standard, high-efficiency, and premium fume hoods. We can work with you and help you figure out which hoods are right for you and your lab. Our most basic hoods can come with an integral blower, are economical, and are meant for light duty applications.  Our other models have advanced features like Eco-Foil™ air foils with Clean-Sweep™ airflow openings, a one-piece molded fiberglass liner and pre-set baffle, a rear downflow dual baffle system, an Opti-Zone™ baffle with tapered slots, and pre-wired LED lighting with vapor-proof design and ADA-compliant light and blower switches. Your lab may not require all these features, but whatever your needs are, we can help you fulfill them.

When it comes to fume hoods, cabinets, or anything else your lab might need, Catalina Laboratory Products is your one-stop shop for quality items. We have premium lab equipment and furniture at easily affordable prices, so give us a call today for a custom quote.