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Most labs have them. They should make your work easier and not cost you a fortune. And no, we are not talking about interns. We are talking about laboratory fume hoods. Every lab working with hazardous chemicals should have at least one fume hood. Finding the right fume hood for your lab may seem like an impossible feat, but it is a lot easier than you think.

What Makes a Good Fume Hood for a Lab?

Fume hoods play a crucial role in the safety of your lab. Having a good fume hood could be the difference between inhaling toxic compounds and being able to work with these compounds safely. A lab fume hood works essentially the same as the one above your stove. Though, it is probably not a good idea to strip your kitchen of its fume hood and take it to work. Laboratory fume hoods work a little differently than the one in your kitchen. They can exhaust a myriad of volatile compounds released from chemical reactions whereas kitchen fume hoods filter out just cooking smoke.

Besides protecting the user from harmful or toxic fumes, a good laboratory fume hood provides enough space to work in. While there are cheaper options for fume hoods, a larger fume hood can make it easier to work with dangerous compounds. This not only leads to a more efficient work environment, but also a safer work environment. Having a fume hood with enough space allows lab technicians to work better because they will not be cramped for space. Lab technicians will also be less likely to spill toxic compounds if they are provided enough space to work.

Finally, your laboratory fume hood should be ADA compliant. Someone with a disability may not be able to operate a cheaper fume hood properly. This is because non-ADA compliant hoods lack on and off switch accessibility. Most of these hoods have a hard-to-reach blower switch, which makes them inoperable for some lab technicians. When looking for a fume hood, make sure there is an easily accessible blower switch for people who need it.

Where to Find Quality Fume Hoods

Now that you know what to look for in a quality fume hood, you may be wondering how to find one for your lab. Fortunately, Catalina Laboratory Products can help you. We offer several different laboratory fume hoods in stock.

Take a look at our selection of quality laboratory fume hoods or contact us today for a quote.