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A productive and efficient laboratory workspace demands high-quality laboratory products and furniture. With laboratory furniture being such a large investment, it is important to purchase from lab furniture suppliers that can provide durable and long-lasting laboratory products. High-quality lab furniture that you can count on can be the difference between a smooth, productive workday and a long, miserable one. Here are some simple ideas to help you update your lab furniture.

Replace Worn Countertops

Before heavily investing in new lab furniture, you may want to consider replacing the countertops. If the current casework is in pretty good shape, but the counters are damaged due to spills and accidents it might be a good idea to just replace them. Replacing worn countertops will instantly renew the appearance of your lab and restore functionality while being extremely budget friendly. Many lab furniture suppliers offer new countertops at a fraction of the price of all new casework.

Modular Lab Furniture

As laboratory technology continues to develop at a lightspeed pace the result is many labs are converting to modular laboratory furniture. Modular furniture is very adaptive and can be reconfigured quickly to allow for new methodologies and advancements in current technology. With modular laboratory products, you can be sure that your lab is always set up and running as efficiently as possible.

Add Accessories

Many labs experience a severe lack of storage space which leads to inefficiency. A great way to combat this is to add shelving and other accessories to existing workspaces. By adding more storage space, you can free the clutter from the lab bench resulting in more productivity and fewer accidents. Adding shelves or wall-mounted overhead cabinets can help to increase storage and can immediately enhance safety and increase workflow.

Add Caster Wheels

Installing caster wheels onto existing furniture can be a simple and inexpensive upgrade for your lab. Casters help by adding easy mobility of existing lab furniture as needs or workflow changes. They can make it easy to reconfigure your lab to accommodate a new procedure or new laboratory products. Caster wheels can add flexibility to your current setup for an exceedingly small investment.


As you can see some small improvements can make a huge difference in the lab environment. When seeking out lab furniture suppliers be sure that they can provide high quality and industry-leading laboratory products. When looking for the best in the business, look no further than CatLabPro. “We believe in quality that is available when you want it, at a price that doesn’t break your budget.” Contact us to find out how we can help update your lab today!