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When it comes to creating a laboratory, it is important to have the right storage solutions. From the stockroom to the workspace, you need to have the right storage solutions in place for the laboratory to run smoothly. Below are a few tips on storage solutions as well as options for setting up your lab space for quality control as well as productivity.

Stockroom Organization

If you have a laboratory, then you most likely have a stockroom or space where you store all your necessary supplies. You do not want to waste time by running out of what you need or spend more money because you duplicated orders for the stockroom. With the right organization in place, you can improve your purchase orders and have everything you need in its rightful place, ready to use.

When organizing your stockroom, take advantage of labels and shelving. Have a place for every chemical, cleaning agent, etc. that you need, so that everyone in the lab can access items and know when something needs to be reordered. It can be helpful to have a list or notepad for jotting down items needed with the manager looking at the list every week and reordering supplies in a timely manner.

Storage Options for your Lab

In a lab, the environment needs to be controlled for experiments to work and testing to be done correctly. Everything should have its place and no changes made unless everyone is on board. The day will run smoothly if all lab techs know where tools and supplies are located. In a lab space, your storage options may be limited. Instead of choosing bulky cabinetry, consider going vertical. Shelving or wall mounted cabinets can be a great addition to offer you storage without taking up floor space. You can easily run shelving along the walls, having somewhere for your supplies to rest in-between experiments.

Going vertical can be very helpful when it comes to storing supplies. From wall shelving to tall shelving units, going up can help to take up less floor space and provide the storage solutions you need for the lab.

Dealing with Clutter

It is also important to clean out the laboratory every few months to give yourself more space for supplies. Look at your stockroom and lab storage. Are there items that you are no longer using or perhaps something is out of date? If so, chuck it. Do not hold on to items that only create clutter in the lab. If you have broken equipment or obsolete equipment, get rid of it. There is no reason for the equipment to be taking up space that you could use for other things.

Staying organized and cleaning up the clutter on a regular basis will ensure the lab operates smoothly day in and day out. Take a look around your lab and see what changes you can make that will be helpful. Contact us today to learn more about storage solutions like shelving and wall mounted cabinetry that can be beneficial to your business.